The Safer Migration Project (SaMi)

SaMi is a bilateral initiative of the Government of Nepal and the Government of Switzerland with technical support by Helvetas which provides potential migrant worker with relevant information, training and services to help them make informed choices, and avoid exploitation with few employment opportunities inside the country, world abroad seems an attractive option to many young Nepalese. SaMi also support the migrants’ families to cope with emotional stress and make the best use of funds sent home.

The overall goal of SaMi is the safer and more beneficial migration for women and men, who choose to go for migration. F-SKILL is in charge of providing vocational skill training to encourage semi-skilled (rather than unskilled) migration and linking traines with job placement providers. Additionally, F-SKILL provides counseling sessions on family management, legal aspects, documents required for foreign employment, information on destination countries, money management, and future planning for potential migrants. Also migrants and their families are better protected by Nepali institutions and benefit from decent work conditions abroad

A Migration Resource Center has been established in CDO office of Banke which provides potential migrant workers with accurate and relevant information on safer migration so that they can make an informed decision to protect themselves from fraud, exploitation and trafficking. They are also advise on different employment options and requirement.