Accomplished Projects

SNProjects /programStart/end dateFunding partner
1Health and Family Planning Education and Contra septicDistribution1997- 2001GWP/ENRUDEC/ DHO Banke
2SCOP Program1998- 2004SAP Nepal
3Mina Sanchar Abhiyan1999 – 2002UNICEF/NGOCC
4Nonformal Education2000PLAN Nepal/DEO
5International Years Of Volunteer2001UN, UNV, NDVS,NPCIYV2001
6Advocacy For Environment2002- 2004EFHA CARE/ SAGUN
7Health Sanitation2003-2005NRDC/PLAN/DHO
8Capacity Building & Pass Program2001-2004NPLAP/SAC
9Social Mobilization2000MOBILIZATION/ ENRUDEC
10Rural Technology2000 – 2004ITDG
11Resource Centre for Education2004- 2006World Education
12Community literacy program2004 -2006World Education
13Human right Education Program2004-2006World view Nepal
14Woman Business Literacy Program2004- 2006PLAN/Nirdhan Bank
15Out of School Program2001 -2007PLAN
16Social Mobilization2001HELP/Nepal/HUCEPFON/ ENRUDEC
17Volunteer Exchange Program2001HELP &HUCEPFON
18Support to Children Affected by Conflict2006-2007CARITAS/BEE Group/ENRUDEC
19Organizational Management Training Program2003-2007MOBILIZATION / HELP/Nepal/ ASTHA
20Skill Development Training2004ASTHA/COCAP/ SAC
21School Peace Program2006CARITAS
22Community Dev. through Annimation2007CARITAS
23Shelter Reconstruction Program2007CARITAS
24DIPS Returning Support Program2006CARITAS/NRC/ IRC/DFID/ Action Aid/INSEC/BEE Group/ FORCE/ OCDC/ENRUDEC/PIN Nepal
25Human Rights Monitoring1997ENRUDEC/ OTHER Human Rights Organizations
26Group Formation of Women, Youth and Children for Self Relience and Capacity Build-up1992-2009ENRUDEC
27Returning IDPSMonitoring2008UNHCR/NRC/CARITAS/BEE Group/PIN Nepal/ ENRUDEC
28Social Mobilization and Group Management Program2003-2006Dist. Animal Health Office Banke
29Vulture conservation program2008- ongoingBird Conservation Nepal
30Reconciliation program on conflict affected woman and children in Banke district2008- OngoingWoman development Office Banke
31Local Governance and community Development Program(LGCDP)2010- 2012LGCDP/DDC, Banke
32Local Governance and accountability Facility2011-OngoingGovernment Of NepalLGAF
33Small Mitigation Initiatives2011-ongingCaritas Nepal
34Right to food Movement/2010- OngoingFIYANNEPAL/ Right to food Network
35Child Health rights Hygiene promotion program2008- 2013Caritas Nepal