Organization’s Strategic Plans:

ENRUDEC with its extended area of interest largely into five thematic areas is now thinking of developing a short term strategic plan to prioritize its issues and focus on local level development so as to effectively contribute in bringing about desired change in the area that we are working. So we are thinking of a workshop of a board and its staff to develop a plan of our strategic priority for the upcoming three years. We hope to publish our 3-year plan through this website latest by November 2015.

Periodic Village Development Plans (PVDP)

The PVDP is the Periodic Village Development Plans that ENRUDEC has assisted its working VDCs in preparing it under the support of the SB project, which is almost finished and is in the final stage of proofreading and endorsement by District Development Committee Banke. We will shortly publish the PVDPs once it is fully endorsed by the DDC and VDCs.