The major ongoing projects in the ENRUDEC are;

Local Governance Program (LGP)

The Local Governance Program is one of the components of Sajhedari Bikaas Project funded by PACT/USAID. The LGP aims to promote social accountability and transparency at the local level by empowering community to be able to carry out their own developments through increased access to local resource and decision making. Besides it supports capacity building of local institutions in effective delivery of public services to the local people. ENRUDEC as the partner organization of Sajhedari Bikaas Project implements LGP program at four VDCs of Banke during first phase and which will intervene more VDCs in the second phase of LGP.

LGCDP (Local Governance and Community Development Program)

ENRUDEC is currently involved in implementing LGCDP in Kohalur Municipality jointly  with Kohalpur Municipal Office, the projects engages with Ward Citizen Forum (WCF) and Citizen Awareness Center (CAC) to promote local governance and community development programs at various wards, the project helps facilitate increase citizens participation in local development planning and mobilizes citizens for holding local agencies accountable and transparent.

The LGCDP project is currently planning to prepare municipal profile and is engaged with ward communities in preparing resource mapping of wards.

Chure Conservation Project

ENRUDEC has recently succeeded in securing partnership for Chure Conservation Project for Banke district with President Chure Conservation Committee it has recently signed the project agreement and is in the process of project orientation to its staff and implementation of the project.

Bird Conservation Campaign:

Bird Conservation Campaign is a self initiated program of ENRUDEC in collaboration with Bird Conservation Nepal(BCN). Under this program ENRUDEC currently runs awareness raising program on endangered birds like Vulture. In Banke and peripheral districts. ERUDEC in collaboration with BCN runs SAVE VULTURE campaign and raises awareness of farmers to stop use of diclofenac medicine in their cattle which indirectly affects in the extinction of vultures from our country. Conservation of Environment and ecology being one our concern in the mid-western region, our effort in this thematic area though slow is gaining gradual momentum in the field.