Career Prospect

ENRUDEC is a better career prospect for those willing to build their professional career in the social development field; especially on the areas of Human Rights, Local Governance, Inclusive Community Development, and Social Mobilization. The various ways to affiliate or associate with ENRUDEC are by becoming its member, employee, or volunteer/Intern.


ENRUDEC welcomes every individual who embraces our vision of social development work and wishes to join us as a general member to engage with us to support promote our vision, mission, and goal.

Volunteerism /Internship:

ENRUDEC provides learning platforms to anybody with a passion for social work and the objective to grow as a development professional. We provide short term volunteer opportunities and internships for young people who wish to pursue their careers in the social development sector. The interested people should keep checking our announcement for such an opportunity.


Another best way to join-us is to work with us as an employee of the organizations for which the candidates interested must keep checking our vacancy announcement notices published on the web or on the local newspapers.

Be Friends of ENRUDEC:

If you do not fall into any of the above categories but admire the work of ENRUDEC and want to support our work you can do that by becoming our friend and visiting our office, website, and subscribing to our, not only that if you wish to support any of our projects or program you can also contribute by donating. You can reach us through email or direct phone contact and ask for the procedures to donate to the program or support you wish to make for any of the development programs we run.